Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meet the new blog, same as the old blog

The Daddy Life has been quiet this summer. The entire world of the blog universe seems to be changing. And the Internet is changing along with it. Last July Google discontinued its popular Reader app, to the shaking and scratching of heads. Why remove a tool that is used to connect people to each other?  I chose not to move my information, and it was lost to the ether. I guess I was wondering, what will happen next?

It is clear to me this morning that the Internet companies of Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are all vying for me to build a newer, sharier, flashier online community out of the ashes of the blogosphere. And now it couldn't be easier to LOG IN WITH YOUR FACEBOOK PASSWORD? on any number of sites. Not sure how I feel about any of this. But I woke up this morning feeling remiss in my duties as a daddy blogger. It is not for my friends, or far off family, or even my online "community" of peers. I have missed documenting the trials of the Daddy Life.

This place is essentially on online journal. I don't scrapbook, I don't really Facebook, and I don't make photo albums. It is here that I am recording the experience of parenting, for myself and for posterity. When I am an old man I will read these words. So I had better get writing again.

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