Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School, Ring the Bell

The summer has come and gone, and I have failed to post even one passing remark on the Daddy Life. In the way of explanation and apology, I can only say that change is in the air around here. It was harder than summers used to be, for many reasons. The toughest change is that the burden of schedule, structure, and life all fall upon Daddy. I was pretty tired of this feeling when summer crashed over us, but summer isn't always an easier life.

We had travel. We had lazy days to play in the park. We had work around the house, and mornings in the sandbox, and playdates with friends. We had days when Mom was home to drive out to the beach and play in the sand.

And now I'm up on the asscrack of dawn before school, making lunches for my little ones and whistling a little fall tune.

These are my guys on the first day of school, just last week. The picture is a little blurry, but it captures the action. They are happy, healthy, and full of life. They have thrown themselves into our little cooperative pre-school with Cornett enthusiasm.

This also feels like a new beginning for the Daddy. For the first time in a year, I will have both my guys in an organized, reliable setup. What will I do with my 3 whole hours of free time? :)

It feels very different to have my guys settled and happy. I feel like one of those parents I always envied, whose children play happily on the grass after pre-school, come when they call, listen to gentle reminders, and don't need to be carried out of grocery stores screaming bloody murder. They say these things run in cycles, but right now our guys are happy to be back in the fall routine. And the Daddy is happy, too.

On another note, Linden and I are heavily considering a move this fall. It seems like the time is right for a little change it up, selling our West Hills house on a busy street for something close-in-with-a-yard. We're looking at houses this weekend, so we'll just have to see if something feels like home!

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